Blood Of The Johden

Brand new Arc coming your way, introducing new characters and spinning intrigue into the TotES timeline!


cover art [tale of dancing dagger]

The Military Federation of Johden is a harsh and brutal land, a blistering desert where few dare venture. Cruel and merciless, the Johden tribes who inhabit this Netherworld are incredibly skilled fighters, forged through fire and steel, battling to death in the name of their bloodthirsty pride. Without laws or morals, nothing in this world is more terrifying than their cruel smirk as they smite down all their enemies.

So they say anyway, and as many legends go, there’s usually little truth to be found.

Hano’s life was surely nothing much of the above, as he spent his peaceful and cheerful childhood in the Bloodwhispers tribe, surrounded by a loving family and many hopes of becoming a gunslinger his father would be proud of one day. His rosy dreams came suddenly crashing down when his village was attacked by a group of elfgur, elven nightstalkers who everybody believed disbanded after the downfall and death of their King. His father lost his legs, his brother lost his life, and Hano lost his sight.

8 years later, Hano is again facing a bitter truth, as he is forced to deal with the realization that if his coming of age test consist of hitting a bullseye, no matter the distance, he might very well never be considered a man by his peers.In his quest to find a place among his people and earn the honour of a true warrior, the endless Ashen Desert may turn out to be more unwelcoming than Hano ever believed, when all he has left to share with the Johden is a fading world, measured one length of his sword at a time …


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