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Because no team is really complete without a Chick.


  • Fact #1.
    Her name is Mune.
    While the origin of this name is uncertain, it has been speculated to be a truncated form of an elven name referring to “all things spiritual”, “that part of us made of mind and soul”.
  • Fact #2.
    Mune is Johden. While the true reasons that brought her out of her homeland are still veiled in mystery, she has officially joined Higre’s Team as his personal bodyguard. Higre gained her by trading Sho’s horse with the other Johden. He tried trading over Sho at first, but the Johden replied that “they’d rather have the horse than the useless freeloader”.
  • Fact #3.
    Amongst her people, Mune is known as Edrisil, the Moon Shadow.
  • Fact #4.
    Mune will routinely turn down Scai’s advances replying she’d rather spend the next 500 years locked up in an X with an Y trying to find a logical answer to Z (the variables may change from time to time depending on context, but it’s generally acknowledged she’s calling upon impossible feats). Such as in “I’d rather spend the next 500 years locked in a volcano with Cottontail trying to find a reasonable plea as to why humanity should survive Armageddon”, to which Hig felt obliged to retort that “if you survive getting stuck with Cottontail for 500 years, Armageddon’s gonna be a piece of cake”. Cottontail was not amused.
  • Fact #5.
    Mune prefers her deepfin grilled rather than baked
    . This has been the cause of countless fistfights between her and Hano, who insisted that the only way to cook deepfin was to bake it. Since Hano was the one doing the cooking, he more or less won all the disputes.
  • Fact #6.
    The things she likes the most are fairytales, the merfolk, girly clothes (the fancier the better) and weapons (the deadlier the better).
  • Fact #7.
    Within the Johden militia, Mune covers the role of Dragon Heart, which is a tank and leader class. This virtually makes her the true powerhouse of the Team (she may not be the strongest, but she’s undoubtedly the most proficient). Her favorite buffs are KIBAR FAR (Shorten Time) and THAVASI’DANTHE (Sky-High Dance).
  • Fact #8.
    Mune keeps to a rigorous and healthy diet
    , and will not indulge in alcohol drinking or drug taking. In fact, when she was offered the (in)famous Meekleaf Salad she responded with a Big NO!, leaving one wondering about those “medical properties of soothing nerves”.
  • Fact #9.
    When she was a kid, Mune wanted to become a songstress. During the period in which she was “trying out new occupations”, she also declared to have entered the mysterious organization known as the Clean Police. Which, despite what one may think, did exactly what it said: keeping the desert free of litter.
  • Fact #10.
    Most of the time, she appears to be the Only Sane (wo)Man on the Team.