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Because every Adventure Duo needs … well, two people.

  • Fact #1.

His name is Shur, or simply Sho. Reading: full-name like the “su” in “sure” but with a short “u” sound followed by a strong “r”, nickname like she “sho” in shore. Now, why he is called Sho is still a mystery.

Quite coincidentally, in elven his name is actually used to define a kind of blade weapon, somewhere between a short sword and a halfmoon dagger, with a single edge and an array of rather disturbing uses.

It is currently unknown whether he was born with this name or if he even ever had a family name. In the village he was raised, it was fashionable at the time to give boys names of ancient elven weaponry, thus he ended up with Shur.

  • Fact #2.

Sho is human. He appears to be one, at least. Since there is no information about his original family, it is assumed he is no more than what he looks like.

Within the Imperial Capital, humans and dark elves have rare interactions, as these end up being rather messy for both parties. On the other hand, Sho seems to be a magnet for the Fallen, just as much as he is a magnet for trouble in general.

  • Fact #3.

Since Sho contracted a hefty (or better said, unreasonable) debt with Hig, ever since he settled down in the Darveru fief he has been working as a scullion at Bruel’s, the local tavern.

His tasks include: washing the dishes, cleaning the floors and the other surfaces, peeling the potatoes, taking out the garbage, serving at the tables, running errands and occasionally even cooking. Actually, Bruel’s could be very well defined as a one man enterprise, since Bruel himself does little more than dozing behind the bar counter. Despite this, Sho is still unable to properly complete any of his given routine tasks, having the tendency to generate avalanches of disasters.

  • Fact #4.

Sho’s employment contract states him to be Hig’s retainer, which identifies him as boy engaged for useless and highly inappropriate errands or as victim of countless pranks.

Despite his working hours cover his every waking hour, Sho’s only earthly possessions of any value consist of a change of clothes and a horse, given to him by Hig with the recommendation to “get lost”.

  • Fact #5.

He has a distressing ability to say very disturbing things in the most out-of-place moments with great innocence.

  • Fact #6.

Sho’s perception of reality can sometimes be quite distorted, which leads him to be totally unable to understand people talking or thing happening around him. One of the many theories which have come up to explain this could be that his highly traumatic life has brought him to naturally filter out the worst of it. Or he could simply be schizophrenic.

  • Fact #7.

His favourite dishes are noodle based.

  • Fact #8.

He is loyal, caring, and a man of his word, even when he realizes he’s been tricked into promising something.

  • Fact #9.

Sho is prone to creepy mumbling and moody dark flashbacks.

  • Fact #10.

Sho is a worthless, homeless, penniless orphan (definition kindly provided by Hig during their first encounter).