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Some fun facts about the hero, leader of the team, the hot and skilled guy Destiny chose to save the world.

  • Fact #1.

His name is Higre, or simply Hig. Reading: Hi-ge, with first syllable pronounced like “he” (pronoun) with a long vocal sound, second as in “geisha” with a truncated “-e” sound (full name has a muted “r” stuck in there too).

For a fortunate and totally unintended coincidence, the higre happens to be a big predatory bird, somewhat similar to an eagle. It would be quite a rare sight these days, and many people believe it is extinct. On a side note, the higre owes its name to its characteristic call, which is said to sound something like “hig! hig!”.

  • Fact #2.

Hig is one of the last scions of the Anduiir, a race of humans gifted with elven powers. Their most distinguishing feature is their hair colour, which will stick to elven hues (golden, azure or green) so long as the powers in their blood remain strong enough; since these colours are uncommon on regular humans, the Anduiir will stand out in any crowd unless they dye their hair. A few of them may be born with the elven golden eyes, but Hig is not the case.

  • Fact #3.

Hig was born in the laid-back countryside of the Barien Kingdom, where he was taken in, together with his older sister, into the human Darveru family. After the death of their foster father, his sister left their home as a retainer of a famous Blade Master. Hig stayed behind, having been entrusted by Father the role of head of the family and the inheritance of all the Darverus’ possessions. He has been living there ever since, together with his foster siblings.

And now, after the fun, on to the serious business ( = the things one must absolutely know about Hig).

  • Fact #4.

His longest ramble has been recorded as a 2.5 hour uninterrupted monologue about how a helping of meekleaf was mistakenly defined as a salad bowl in the “Imperial Capital Guidebook of sights one must see at least once in a lifetime”.

  • Fact #5.

Hig owns a prized collection he will never fail to mention whenever inviting a woman over to his place. Should be mentioned that said collection has been known to change to: northern printed butterfairy spun silks, priceless foreign spices, ancient leather-bound poetry volumes, exotic assassination weapons, cross-border smuggled alchemical pots and cruets, preserved specimen of extinct flowers, and last but not least a fantastical evergreen butterfly garden.

  • Fact #6.

He can cook a great variety of delicious meals from some of the world’s most popular cuisines. Actually his skill is so great and his taste buds so fine he can replicate even the dishes he never had occasion of trying with just a handful of available ingredients.

  • Fact #7.

His favourite colours are green and blue.

  • Fact #8.

He has no sense of direction.

  • Fact #9.

His fangirls are scary.

  • Fact #10.

He is an eccentric and narcissistic airhead ruled by blind-idiot stupidity. And he still can pull off 180 degree personality back flips.