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Ah, the Eagle Sword, the legendary piece of craftsmanship forged in the very abyss of the Dark Palace. As for all things that earn the appellative of “legendary” to their name, many stories were wrought around it through the ages, most of which hold little to no truth.

So, what do we actually know about this appealing blade?

Fact #1. It was forged from Arama’s crystal bier. That makes it a sword empowered with the energy of one of the two most ancient living beings in the whole of Kingar (the known universe). Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Bonus points for having an unbreakable blade as a consequence.

Fact #2. Having been forged in the abode of the Dark Father from a Child of Light, it has potentially both powers imbued into it. Black and White at the same time, this makes stuff of legends. More bonus points because it becomes stronger with every life it takes.

Fact #3. Everybody wants it. So, if you keep going to battle with it, to the point people have naturally made it your symbol as much as the flag you fly, somebody will eventually come around and try to take it. And that is how it left the clutches of the Dark forces and ended up on the opposite side of the battlefield.  Well, long story short, some guy fell over it, stuck his soul into it and changed it to a pretty green. Bonus points galore because it gained the ability to Seal (rip out of people the ability to use magic). How convenient.

Fact #4. And finally, how it got its name. Because every cool weapon needs some kind of name, even though this one is quite lame, since all the points were spent on putting useless jewels on the hilt. Another long story made short, some elven order kept the thing for a long time, then they went away and thought well of leaving it with the humans, who oddly appeared to them as the most trustworthy people around at the time. Incidentally, the guy who received it came from a lineage of kings known as the Lords of the Eagles. Those elven dudes may not have much eye for judging characters but they sure recognize a decent name when they see one.

Fact #5. In the end, for this fabulous sword to truly become legendary, it had to become inaccessible to the general public, or to the public in general. It was lost. How really convenient. But not just lost, hidden (because there were still some bonus points left).

Oh, and yes, the Eagle Sword and all these interesting facts are kind of related to the tale which is being told, very loosely … maybe?